‘Family learning’ refers to any learning activity that involves both children and adult family members, where learning outcomes are intended for both, and that contribute to a culture of learning in the family.

It may be informal, through events such as family fun days or more formal with family learning courses in children’s centre’s and schools.

Family learning is important as all the evidence shows that parents’ engaging and working in family learning has a positive impact on children’s learning, giving children greater confidence and self-belief and it provides measurable benefits to their literacy, language and numeracy skills.

All family learning programmes value the family as a learning environment. It supports and builds on home cultures and experience, supports the growth of family relationships and promotes a culture of raising aspiration in adults and young children.

Most importantly the programmes provide a positive and welcoming space for families to have fun learning together.

For more information on our Family Learning courses please contact the Balsall Heath Children’s Centre.

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