Last Wednesday; on a school night no less, fifty five parents and children enjoyed a lovely evening of pantomime fun at the Hippodrome Theatre, watching Cinderella.

FLB Oh Yes We Are 1

Children excitedly clambered aboard the coach, parked outside the Children’s Centre.

A scramble for the window seats, a quick check on snacks and books for the journey, seat belts on and we were all ready to go. It was lovely to hear children and parents sharing the story, in anticipation of the show.

At the Theatre, we were welcomed with stickers and smiles and quickly found our seats – in the front circle – no less. And there we sat for two hours or more, laughing out loud at the humour and pranks of panto favourites.

We laughed at Button’s antics and filled the air with lots of “oohs” and “aahs” at the wonderful costumes and oh the wonderful singing and dancing routines. And as Cinderella’s sisters plotted, we shouted, “Oh No you can’t!”

Time passed quickly. Far too soon we were posing for final group photos to remember our experience by. A quick phone call to summon our carriage and back to base we came –before midnight!

All the families had a lovely time and despite the late evening finish, many bleary eyed children went home, chatting excitedly about their shared experience.

Hafsha Shaikh

Jan 2018