David Cusack Photo

David Cusack – Chief Executive Officer

David started work at St Paul’s in September 2016. David has been in senior management positions for over twenty years working in the public sector/private sector and third sector. Appointed by St Paul’s who saw a strong motivational leader, with the ability to apply strategic and operational thinking and a strong track record in managing change. David has a positive attitude and a focus on delivering excellent customer services.

Kerenza Palmer Photo

Kerenza Palmer – Head of School

Kerenza started work at St Paul’s in September 2015. She came to St Paul’s as the Deputy Head teacher, having spent 8 years as head of departments in a SEN post 16 provision. In total Kerenza has over 15 years’ experience in management positions either in SEN or main stream sixth form settings.

Kerenza is recognised for her passion and commitment to supporting young people. She provides a strong, positive and supportive management style to ensure staff feel supported in carrying out their roles effectively. Kerenza’s focus is to provide a non-judgemental and inclusive learning environment for young people who have struggled in previous educational settings where they can succeed in line with their own individual capabilities.