St. Paul’s Community Development Trust is a charity that began in 1973 as a series of groups which were established to work with the community of Balsall Heath, an inner city area in Birmingham. With a diverse and ever changing community the population of Balsall Heath has come or came if you are speaking literally from all over the world.

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust had its origins in the desire of people in Balsall Heath to make a better future for their children, getting together to start a nursery, adventure playground and small school. The three groups joined forces to establish the Trust in the late 1970s, and from these small beginnings in voluntary endeavour it has grown to be a thriving organisation.

The Trust aims to work with and alongside the people of Balsall Heath in Birmingham and the wider neighbourhood to promote education, recreation and life-long learning. It works with children, young people and adults, who are involved with the Trust in many different ways.

Today St. Paul’s provides the following services;

The organisation has faced many challenges over the years but has always responded to these and remains as passionate about our work today as when the organisation was first established over forty years ago.

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