St. Paul’s School is part of St. Paul’s Community Development Trust.

The Trust’s mission is:

“To work for and with individuals and families, in Balsall Heath and throughout Birmingham, to help ensure that everyone that we support can thrive and make a positive contribution to their neighbourhoods and the wider city”

The Trust’s Principles and Values

  • We believe in people. Every person has talent and the capacity to achieve their potential.
  • We focus on supporting individuals and families in having the best start in their lives.
  • We value our staff (paid and voluntary) and recognise the talent they have and their passion to deliver quality services.
  • We believe in partnership working and will seek to collaborate with (4) organisations to ensure high quality services are delivered to those we support.
  • We believe in transparency, openness, delivering value for money services, and are accountable to our Board of Trustees, partners and the communities we work with.
  • We aim to be inclusive, to promote and deliver fairness in access to services, use of buildings, and employment.

As a school we live this mission statement and values by working collaboratively with the pupils, parents, carers and external professionals to ensure our pupils experience at St Paul’s School is a positive one. We continue to develop meaningful and sustainable partnerships to ensure we are able to provide experiences for our pupils that will have a really positive impact on their personal growth and development.

As a school we pride ourselves on seeking to understand our pupils, the impact their statement of need has on their learning and personal and social development. We strive to lift barriers to their learning and give them the support they deserve to become the best version of themselves.

We have a strong team who work effectively together, we have developed a really positive culture within both the primary and secondary schools where the focus has been on raising standards. Staff training is a focal part of what we do to ensure staff are fully informed on SEN, good practice in teaching and learning, behaviour management and safeguarding.

We provide a small nurturing environment, for up to 35 pupils, with firm boundaries, where we support pupils to develop strategies to manage their responses appropriately. We believe that all young people have the right to enjoy their education in a safe and nurturing setting. We listen to young people’s ideas and help them build their own path through supportive learning contexts. St Paul’s School encourages individuals to grow in confidence, gain valuable qualifications and develop essential life skills.

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