“Our PGCE Secondary and PCET trainees studying at Birmingham City University have significantly benefited from the partnership recently set up with St Paul’s School. Trainees have been involved in numerous subjects and activities, some of which were normally out of their comfort zone. This has afforded them the opportunity to extend their skills and their understanding of working with learners who may have a SEND or who may have a behavioural problem.

The photos we received, particularly of the Design and Technology trainees who have spent time in the kitchens helping young learners to cook, reminded us why we go into teaching. The learners were so proud of their achievements aided by BCU trainees. Trainees have been quick to feedback on the support they have received from the school and how they have enjoyed working with the learners. I know some learners plan to return. We are really keen to continue this partnership and hope the school are able to do so.”
Karen McGrath - Associate Professor PF HEA
Head of Department Secondary and PCET - Birmingham City University
"Hi Helena, Thank you for your support throughout the process, the placement have made me aware of many practices that would help me in my NQT year, the entire team was very supportive and hands on whenever needed.

I would not have thought that I would say this on Friday, but honestly, I am sad to leave specially after building an excellent relationship with the pupils in the school. You do an amazing job at the school and I would like to take the opportunity to volunteer whenever I could. Please keep up this excellent effort for an excellent cause the children here are so lovely although they have trouble to express their feeling and emotions, you could tell that all try to get attention and all in their own way.

I hope I have made a difference with some of the kids and hope I have left a good impression with the all the staff too. You all are superstars."
Hamdi Ghailan
Birmingham City University Student