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The Flag of Ukraine (small)

St. Paul’s Community Development Trust stands with the people of Ukraine.

We stand ready to provide support to families who may have to resettle in our community and will do all we can to ease the burden on children and families.

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Charity Football Match Poster

Charity Football Match – The Result!

Well in all the excitement of the World Cup and England making it through to penalties and winning a knock...

Children’s Centre Trip

Friday 24th August 2018 St Paul’s Trust Children’s Centre, in partnership with Springfield Children’s Centre, will be taking parents from...
Charity Football Match Poster

Raising money for Chatterboxes Preschool

This Saturday 23rd June the mighty Old Boys Cross Guns take on the magnificent Moseley Town Colts in an epic battle...
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Welcome to our new website!

A message from our Chief Executive “Welcome to St Paul’s Community Development Trust new website!” We have put a lot...