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Introducing Simba!!

Over the last six months plus we have been discussing the benefit of having a school dog at both the secondary and primary schools. Academic research has shown that dogs working and helping in the school environment can help to achieve the following:

  1. Improve academic achievement
  2. Increase literacy skills
  3. Calming behaviours
  4. Increase social skills and self-esteem
  5. Increase confidence
  6. Teach responsibility and respect to all life
  7. Help prevent truancy
  8. Motivate children who are often less attentive

After much research and discussions with primary stakeholders and other SEN schools and colleges who have successfully introduced a dog, we feel ready to make this commitment. I am really pleased to now introduce Simba!

Simba - School Dog


St Paul’s Next Generation Awards

Last night pupils and staff attended finals for The Next Generation Awards at Highbury Hall Moseley.  It was a much anticipated evening with many schools around Birmingham participating in the event.  The pupils at St Paul’s school took part in thinking of an innovative idea to spend £1,500 to improve an aspect of Birmingham.  Our ideas were to raise awareness of children with hidden disabilities, a cause which is dear to us all at St Paul’s.  Our idea was to create a sensory tree or area in Birmingham to allow anyone who may be stressed, even Parents, to have a safe and quiet area to calm down.

Next Gen Awards 1


The Next Generation Awards: St Paul’s Pupils reach the final!

We are so proud to announce that two of our pupils have managed to reach the finals of the Next Generation Awards (NGA). NGAs have been designed to engage young people in Birmingham to become active citizens who contribute positively to Birmingham’s future! The competition is for schools within Birmingham to think of an idea that could improve their local community spaces. Pupils could win up to £1500 to spend on their idea.

NGA Awards 2018


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